Romāns Korovins

Romāns Korovins’ arsenal of creative techniques includes painting, photography, video and installations akin to sculpture. In Korovins’ art, objects never stand in isolation, rather they bear a contextual and close semantic relationship with the works next to them. Therefore, one of the artist’s favourite forms is the diptych, which allows changes, dimensions and dramaturgy to simultaneously appear in the images. In his seemingly naïve works, Korovins removes our everyday experience from its accustomed context, and with childish ease casts doubt on our preconceptions about “high” and “low”, large and small, the distant and the close by. Absurd situations and errors of perception allow us to see the contradictions and fractures in the world’s structure, through which infinite spiritual freedom shines through. The images with half-comical, half-ironic titles turn banal everyday situations into Zen Buddhist koans, which cannot be resolved, but whose beauty is revealed in the process of pondering them.

Diptych ”A Clothes Drying Rack in the Frost”. 2013.

Diptych ”Fresh Paint” and ”Dried Paint”. 2017.

Diptych ”Matchbox Drawing”. 2013.

Diptych ”A Painting the Other Way Around”. 2017.

Diptych ”Old Snow” and ”A Freshly Painted Wall”. 2012.

Diptych ”A Drop of Paint”. 2017.

Diptych ”A Catching Net and a Hedgehog”. 2017.

Triptych ”Blasting (legs, body and head”. 2017.

Triptych ”Beginning”, ”End”, ”And Middle”. 2018.

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