Artūrs Virtmanis

Artūrs Virtmanis is an internationally recognised artist working with installations, stage design, sculpture, graphics and design. His works combine rich references to cultural heritage with the effective formal language of the “new world.” “Fucking times” is a visually dense and impressive large-scale installation, which consists of “collapsed” large and small charcoal drawings which play on the title and font of The New York Times. This is transformed into an ecstatic cry of denial, which is typical of our time or the passage of time, which ticks like a clock and over which humans have no control. The expressive message of the work is underlined by the selected contrasting materials: the robust mass of letters in the paper against the small drawings on the paper, the ephemeral nature of the charcoal and pencil against the sands of time, and the illusory video projection with the constantly swinging clock pendulum, eternally making off these FUCKING TIMES.

Fucking Times. 2017.

  • Fucking Times. 2017.

    Artūrs Virtmanis

    Painting / Graphics, Installations / Sculpture / Objects


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