Kristiāna Dimitere

Since the 1990s, Kristiāna Dimitere has been professionally engaged in diverse media, including graphics, painting, sculpture, stage design and animation. She works in an unacademic manner, intuitively and freely experimenting with form and colour. Her imagery features substantially and formally grotesque proportions, vivid colouring and a certain childishness. In Dimitere’s works, the aesthetic of comical and laconic caricature is not so much connected with pop art as visually referring to the tradition of 19th century satirical illustration, particularly masters of the genre such as Honoré Daumier. But in terms of content, the artist remains faithful to fantasy and refrains from socio-political commentary in her work.  Utilising the bodily proportions of children, she creates cute personages who often end up in comically paradoxical situations. They may be a little frightening but are always adorable.  In “Egyptian Madonna” Dimitere transforms the iconic Western art figure of the Madonna in the context of feminist art. The composition “Winter” reveals a typical Dimitere female figure as well as her characteristically outstanding agility with line and form.

Egyptian Madonna. 2009.

Winter. 1997.

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