Ronalds Rusmanis

The main subjects of Ronalds Rusmanis’ works are aircraft. This is a unique case where a single motif becomes a fetish, which the artist is prepared to analyse, celebrate and depict countless times. Why aeroplanes? Do they fascinate Rusmanis as symbols of our fast-paced modern life and ceaseless movement? Perhaps he is beguiled by aesthetic contrasts and the disjuncture between the heavy character of the craft and the lightness of their flight? Perhaps the artist’s personal fear of flying gives the paintings a more intimate, psychoanalytical character. As Rusmanis acknowledges: “I hate flying but I love planes.” The consciously laconic and practical way in which the artist presents the romantic subject of aviation is also paradoxical, as he strives to avoid superfluous attributes and objects. Rusmanis’ works are dominated by large, pure colour fields and nuanced grey tones, and the image of the plane itself is like a sign that will release a range of specific emotions in every viewer. 

Boeings. 2008.

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