Santa France

Santa France is a younger generation artist who exploits the possibilities of 3D software. Her works created in a post-internet aesthetic leave the computer screen to transfer the potential of digital technology to a traditional art format. France may be regarded as a 21st century still life master, whose works combine examination of contemporary human existential problems with suggestive symbolic subjective environmental impact. In her works, contemporaneity harmoniously coexists with the ancient traditions of this genre in European art, embodying both 17th century Dutch religious poeticism and the 20th century pop art and hyperrealist view of mass production. 

In the still life series “Safeporting,” through seemingly unrelated objects the artist studies the relationship between electronic communication devices and their owners. Technology moves from being an impersonal device to the status of a partner, with which unexpected relationships may develop. 

The animation diptych “Self-Care/ Self-Hate” is a sort of memento mori for the subject’s interpretation in contemporary culture, which is dominated by the cult of individual emotional comfort. “Self-Care” and “Self-Hate” are two social phenomena which have emerged and flourished on the internet. While the former stresses naïve positivism and reliance on superstition, the latter romanticises mental anguish, bad habits and psychological deviation.  

Safeporting. 2019.

Self-Care / Self-Hate. 2017.

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